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Where it all started...

We are the one and only Fourth Street Shrimp Store. Since the inception of The Shrimp Store in 1984, we have evolved tremendously over the years into the unique, fun, and funky restaurant that we are today. Our building alone has great St. Petersburg history, the structure was built in 1928 as a service station for Model T Fords. As the years went by, the building was refurbished into a local laundry matt with a small space for a Seafood Market that started serving up great Fried Shrimp Baskets and Grouper Sandwiches. Once the word spread, the popularity grew along with The Shrimp Store. In 1997, The Shrimp Store expanded to accommodate the crowds. As you know, or will soon find out, there is always something new to see when dining with us. As a local favorite, our food speaks for itself. We serve top quality Seafood, simply prepared, with a diverse menu to satisfy all taste buds at very reasonable prices. Our service is always warm, friendly, and known to be the fastest around. Whether you are a party of two or twenty, we welcome you to The Fourth Street Shrimp Store.

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